Heart disease and cancer are the two top killers in developed countries and at the forefront of most people’s mind when they consider their health. The Harley Street Heart and Cancer Centre is a one-stop specialist centre based in Singapore that provides the latest and most advanced treatments available for people with heart disease and cancer. Our internationally recognized heart and cancer specialists have trained in leading centres around the world, including the United Kingdom, United States, Canada and Australia to deliver a caring and professional service for our patients.

At the Harley Street Heart and Cancer Centre, we aim to maintain the medical excellence and quality associated with the Harley Street name and believe in treating the individual and not just the disease. We have links with leading medical centres and specialists worldwide allowing for a smooth continuity of care for our international patients.

Cardiac services

We treat patients with a variety of heart conditions and also offer cardiac screening packages for those who would like a general heart check-up. Using the latest equipment and technology, our heart specialists will carefully assess your condition and determine the best management plan. Our heart specialists provide treatments such as coronary angiography and stent insertion, pacemaker and device implantation and catheter ablation of cardiac arrhythmias. Choosing a heart specialist in Singapore who is part of the Harley Street Heart and Cancer Centre is a choice that you can feel comfortable with. A key mission of our heart specialists is to provide the best possible care and service to get your heart to a healthier place.

Cancer services

We have dedicated facilities for outpatient chemotherapy and associated treatments. Our cancer specialists will carefully assess your condition and provide a detailed explanation of the management plan, treatment options, complications and outcomes. Patients can receive chemotherapy in the calm and supportive environment of our clinic. Our team of specialist cancer nurses works closely with the pharmacists, dieticians and other health care professionals to provide the highest standard of care alongside our cancer specialists.

If you require the opinion or specialist care of a highly trained heart or cancer specialist in Singapore, book an appointment with us today.

Taking part in a marathon or competitive sports ?

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Our doctors

  • Senior Consultant Cardiologist - Dr. Reginald Liew
  • Consultant Cardiologist - Dr. Rohit Khurana
  • Senior Consultant Medical Oncologist -Dr. Lo Soo Kien, Sue
  • Doctors of HSCS - The Harley Street Clinic Singapore